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Our fundraising project to make funds to pay for a new memorial with all the names of the fallen that are buried in the cemetery.

Details and history of the chapels and cemetery.

The services we now offer for a small fee, including grave cleaning, grave searching and record searches.

What the group have done in it’s short space of time, including the renovation of “Angel’s Corner”.

Pictures of both the derelict chapels that are within the cemetery grounds.

Pictures of the cemetery grounds and some of the ornamental grave stones.

Memorial Auction

Our 2nd memorial auction will take place on our facebook group Monday 5th September at 9pm and will be on till Monday 12th September at 9pm. There are a lot of items to bid on so head over and have a sneak preview of what is coming up

Weeding and planting

The group regularly weeds and plants various flowers throughout the year to give area a bit of colour. There is also maintenance done too.

Please contact the group to offer any help you can.

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